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A natural gas dryer gets to the temperature you need faster, so your clothes dry faster.


Clothes Dryer

Many people don’t realize it but dryers are available with natural gas or electricity. There is a major cost savings with a natural gas dryer because they dry clothes faster and more efficient. However, a gas dryer dries clothes faster and is more efficient. There are some upfront costs like installing a gas line hookup but will save energy and money in the long run.   With a gas dryer you can:

  • Dry three loads for the same price as one electric load
  • Have more heat capacity and less drying time


Clothes Dryer

Appliance Rate Conversion Unit Eff % Usage Total Op Cost
Natural Gas $1.00 1 1.00 1.00 65 $65.00
Electric $0.11 29.3 3.223 1.00 65 $209.50
Propane $1.75 1.092 1.91 1.00 65 $124.22

Natural Gas
Rate – $1.00
Conversion -1
Unit – 1.00
Eff % Drying – 1.00
Usage – 65

Rate – $0.11
Conversion – 29.3
Unit – 3.223
Eff % Drying – 1.00
Usage – 65
TOTAL OP COST: $209.50

Rate – $1.75
Conversion – 1.092
Unit – 1.91
Eff % Drying – 1.00
Usage – 65
TOTAL OP COST: $124.22


Rate: The unit charge or charges made to customers for their energy consumption. This can fluctuate based on weather, household size, living habits, etc.
Conversion: In order to accurately compare rates for different energies, it is necessary to convert the units of measure for each into comparable measurements.
Unit: A measurement of energy consumed within a time period. In this case electricity is typically measured in kilowatt hours, propane is measured in gallons, and natural gas is measured in therms.
Eff %: Appliances are rated based on meeting energy efficiency requirements, by the Federal Government. The standards (ENERGY STAR rating or other energy-efficiency standard) help consumers identify and purchase products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features and comfort.
Usage: Energy used in one year by a particular appliance.
Total operating cost: The amount of money determined based on how much energy is consumed, based on the rate, and the cost of operating a specific appliance.


Clothes Dryer


Washing Machine

Washing machines are electric appliances and come in many sizes and energy-saving options. Check the EnergyGuide Label when shopping for a new washing machine. This label will help you determine how much energy it takes to operate the model, compare the energy use of similar models, and estimate annual operating costs.

For more information on efficiency ratings visit

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